Marketing Land Events Speaker:

Carrie Gouldin

Web Community Manager, ThinkGeek


It's hard, ridiculous work being a social media manager at

Carrie Gouldin heads up the Twitter, Facebook, blog, email, and rewards program team at the top 200 Internet Retailer--and with an engagingly geeky audience of 402,000 Twitter followers and 240,000 Facebook fans, it's easy to get sucked into a day of @ replies and FB threads about the dangers of warp core breaches, the best companion thus far, and what it means to be a Bronie.

In keeping with ThinkGeek's mantra to be awesome, Carrie does her best to entertain as well as assist the smart masses that follow ThinkGeek--no small feat when ThinkGeek saw 55% growth in 2010.

It's customer service wrapped in bacon. And ThinkGeek loves bacon.

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