Marketing Land Events Speaker:

Suren Ter-Saakov

COO, SEOquake/SEMrush


Suren Ter-Saakov has had his hand in SEO long before it ever became what it is today. As the COO and advisor of the SEOquake Team, Suren continues to utilize his extensive search engine knowledge to develop tools that serve those who make their living online.

The SEOquake Team is the company behind an ever-expanding suite of popular SEO/SEM tools, including the SEOquake toolbar, a free plugin utilized by well over 2 million webmasters worldwide, and the competitive keyword research tool SEMrush which currently boasts nearly a quarter million users.

Suren is an incomparable resource of search engine knowledge. Some might say that he lives, eats, and breathes analytics. He has invaluable insight into just how search engines work, how to best analyze the data they provide, and how to implement that data into effective ad campaigns and optimization strategies.

He and his colleagues at SEOquake are ever striving to increase the power and scope of the tools they've developed, while simultaneously formulating new ones to further benefit those who success depends largely on search engines.

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