Marketing Land Events Speaker:

Duran Inci

COO, Optimum7


Duran is an Internet Marketing expert with over 10 years experience in e-business, including Search Engine Optimization, Paid Search, Ecommerce and Conversion Optimization. As Co-Founder & COO of Optimum7, Duran has developed very sophisticated processes resulting in clearly leading edge execution of SEO, PPC and Ecommerce strategies. Combined with his strong leadership of the Optimum7 team, Duran has successfully generated many millions of dollars in revenue for his clients. His strong analytical skills consistently results in businesses meeting and exceeding online business objectives. The exceptional breadth of Duranís technical skills ensures that Optimum7ís clients have the best, most current tools available to maximize the impact of their online marketing campaigns using the latest technologies (XML, RSS, HTML5, CSS3, PHP, ASP, and SQL) to yield innovative business opportunities and just plain great results. A clear example is Duranís work with countless custom cross-platform integrations to bring very successful businesses into the online arena and propel them into strong competitive positions with their industryís movers and shakers. Mr. Inci initiated and managed the development of the first Microdata WordPress SEO Plugin. He and Optimum7 have been featured in several publications including CNNMoney, Wired and Smashing Magazines. When not leading Optimum7ís multidisciplinary teams in his Miami office, Duran enjoys playing competitive sports such as soccer, tennis, basketball and playing flamenco guitar.

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