Marketing Land Events Speaker:

Anthony Haney

Director, 21 Interactive


Anthony Haney has been working in SEO/SEM since 2004 in industries that are quite often highly regulated such as financial services in the US. While the topic of privacy/regulation has persisted on the display side for many years (of which Anthony has been a major proponent of) he has seen the tide start to shift to include SEM practices.

Anthony's work experienced started back in 2004 in the "wild west" days of display advertising. During his tenure at FXCM (a global financial services company) he led the budget allocation of a multimillion dollar advertising budget. At that time, he was one of Google's top 25 client-direct advertisers and the largest advertiser of display "adware" with multiple companies. As a proponent of fair and equitable advertising, he also instructed the company to budget back from "adware" companies, even though it contributed over 30% of all conversions/sales. Today, he continues to advocate fair advertising practices, advising multiple companies about their use of re-targeting and behavioral-based advertising.

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