Marketing Land Events Speaker:

Bill Connard



Bill is a serial entrepreneur and successful businessman with expertise in database management, SEO and web site programming and many years experience in building and developing multi location, distribution channels and partnerships.

Prior to forming TLS, Bill was Co-Founder and systems architect for Hero Industries, San Diego based provider of location based services based on SEO and SaaS technology. In 2002, Bill founded a digital content replication and distribution business with a nationwide dealer channel of more than 3000 US and 450 Canadian retailers.

In 1999, Bill founded to specialize in providing mini CD and DVD business cards. using advanced SEO, Bill rapidly built a nationwide service. Customers included American Express, Sony and Visa.

Bill is a mentor and sponsor to a small number of San Diego based Internet start- ups, where his experience in local search engine optimization, business acumen, problem solving and process vision is invaluable.

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