Search Marketing Expo Speaker:

Barbara Starr

Algebraix Data, Vice President of Product Marketing


Vice President of Product Marketing at Algebraix Data, a high performance Semantic Database company. (Earth shattering performance for certain types of complex semantic queries by orders of magnitude in latest benchmarks)

Recruited from a teaching positions while studying for her doctoral degree, to build expert trading systems on Wall Street, Barbara Starr has worked in the area of Semantic Technologies for the past 2 decades in many domains and has watched the evolution of the Semantic web. She subsequently spent almost a decade at SAIC, and was PI for many government projects (including acquaint which led to Watson, HPKB, which was the genesis for the semantic web) and others.

After starting her own consulting business, she then continued to work with DARPA and SAIC. was her first foray into the e-commerce and SEO world, and she has not looked back since! As a result of her background, she has an intrinsic understanding of semantic markup, RDFa, microdata,, ontologies, etc, understanding it not just from a search engine point of view, but also the consumer (or SEO point of view).