Marketing Land Events Speaker:

Michael Streko

Co-Founder, KnowEm LLC


"Get my site to rank on that Google" was what Michael Streko was told one day when he walked into work circa 2005. From that day forward he began his career in search marketing. Learning the ins and outs of what did, does, doesn't and possibly could work on the search engines.

After taking a lead roll doing organic and paid search for a large affiliate network in New York City, Michael was placed with an ultimatum to take a pay cut and go on a commission basis or walk.

Michael walked and with his business partner Barry Wise launched KnowEm in April of 2009. KnowEm was featured on multiple large media sites and has been used by anyone from new parents to reserve their child's name all the way to the fortune 100 to protect their trademarks across hundreds of social media sites.

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