Marketing Land Events Speaker:

Bill Slawski

Director of Search Marketing, Go Fish Digital


Bill Slawski lives in the Piedmont Region of Virginia, 50 miles west of Washington, DC, where he works with an agency that focuses upon SEO and Reputation Management for clients.

Bill was born on the Jersey Shore, with a crab trap in one hand, and a fishing pole in the other. He was redirected to the Mid-West and then back to New Jersey as a teen.

He escaped to Delaware after high school, where he earned an English undergraduate degree and then a law degree. He worked as a court administrator and then a technical administrator, and learned to promote websites part time. As an active moderator and then administrator of a couple of forums, he learned as much SEO and usability as he could, until he started working for an SEO Agency on the Maryland Shore.

He's worked as a solo consultant and agency SEO since, presently as the Director of Search Marketing for Go Fish Digital. He has written over a thousand blog posts on his site, SEO by the Sea, that focus upon patents and papers from the search engines.

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