Marketing Land Events Speaker:

Brahm Booth

Director of Marketing and Ecommerce, WowWee


Brahm has been fully entrenched in eCommerce and internet marketing for 7+ years. Starting out in the affiliate marketing world and rising up the ranks as an apex marketer with linkshare, clickbank, and revenuewire - I've had the opportunity to learn the do's and dont's of the internet. Today, he manages the entire digital and offline marketing strategy for WowWee along with the social media and eCommerce programs.

In addition to his direct involvement in the paid advertising programs, He's also completing the production of an in-house affiliate program and wholesaler program. Through his experience, he is able to make quick and informed decisions on a dynamic landscape and help propel WowWee into a completely new territory of promoting toys, games, and apps to a more digital audience.

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