Marketing Land Events Speaker:

Lisa Weinberger

Director, Content Promotion, Bankrate, Inc.


Lisa Weinberger is the Director of Content Promotion for Bankrate, Inc. bringing more than 15 years of consulting experience combining search (SEO), content and social. She maximizes traffic, reach and engagement at every opportunity. Lisa has consulted with PBS/Annenberg Media, Laurel Tech, Taishan Sports, 1928 Jewelry, Howard Johnson hotels, McGraw Hill and Wyndham Hotel Group, as well as mentored and encouraged young adults into building their own online businesses.

Most of her day consists of training and supporting enterprise internal teams about the driving force of content to rank organically in search. Lisa leads the brainstorming, content creation strategies and promotion plans with her team. Using data and various content formats to promote and gain reach is the fun part of the day. When Lisa is not obsessing about maintaining rankings, she can be found by the beach.

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