Search Marketing Expo Speaker:

Brian Skarin

Thunder SEO, Content Developer and SEO Specialist


Brian Skarin is a Search and Content Development Specialist for Thunder SEO in San Diego, CA. Thunder’s team provides local and national clients with innovative and results-driven digital strategies that implement social media, content optimization and promotion, link building, local search and mobile marketing, public relations and online reputation management.

Before arriving at Thunder, Brian studied English Literature at San Diego State University and had the privilege of being an integral part of the team at TruTv’s “Top 20 Most Shocking” television series. Working alongside executive producers and writers, he was tasked with researching and discovering “viral videos” that had not yet hit the web’s radar. Employing various advanced strategies (re: hours and hours on YouTube), he successfully scoured the vast underbelly of the internet for content that was broadcast to a national audience.

Outside of Thunder, he sets his sights on the sea and spends as much time as possible surfing the wealth of waves in San Diego as well as exploring the coast on land from the seat of his bicycle.