Search Marketing Expo Speaker:

David Waterman

The Search Agency, Director, Search Engine Optimization


David Waterman is a search marketing professional who has a nail-biting problem thanks to Google. First getting introduced to search marketing through SEO, David initially had dreams of joining a traditional ad agency and writing amazing headlines for the biggest brands in the business. Instead, having graduated college right at the end of the dot-com boom, he was sucked into the world of online copy writing and a thing called SEO.

Initially fighting his abduction into this creatively challenged world of web copy, Title tags and keyword research (and crying himself to sleep at night with thoughts of big agency glitz and glamor); David eventually found peace once he joined The Search Agency. Although a small agency at the time, The Search Agency offered David a taste of that glitz and glamor. Lead by intelligent, creative and ambitious thought leaders in the space, The Search Agency empowered David to use his own intelligence, creativity and ambition to establish the agency's core SEO content best practices and support team, and eventually become Director of Content Development.

But his story doesn't end here.

After several years of leading the charge of content strategy and development at The Search Agency, David was abducted yet again; this time into the larger world of search marketing. Having enjoyed his years of focus as a thought leader in SEO content, David was thrust into the larger arena of search where he was expected to educate clients about all areas of SEO including website architecture, Social Media and even the now-infamous concept of link building. But to David's surprise, he was quite versed in all areas. In fact, he discovered that through his exposure to other experts at The Search Agency, he had become quite knowledgeable in all areas of SEO and was able to coherently explain and communicate such nuggets of knowledge to clients, colleagues and even his grandmother.

But Google had a few surprises for David.

The minute David established himself as a well-versed SEO professional, Google started unleashing there barrage of changes to combat black-hat SEO tactics. First came Vince, then May Day, then JCPenny, then Panda and then Penguin. These changes challenged the entire SEO industry to the point where SEO was basically seen as a crime.

This is where David's Google-induced nail biting began.

But through the shrapnel and rubble, David marched on. Thanks to the thought leadership and holistic approach to SEO that David helped establish at The Search Agency, these Google changes were mere pot holes than pit falls. In fact, these changes invigorated David. Google was finally able to fight back and rid the web of crap content. For years they preached of SEO as simply creating great content, structuring it logically and you will rank, but it was just too easy for black hats to abuse the system and the black hats reigned supreme. Now, Google's model of SEO reigns supreme.

Creativity and quality could finally return to the Internet.

Today, David preaches the word of Google. He believes authority is established through great content that provides value to users and can be found and shared easily on the web. And through authority one can find true online success.

David's dreams of traditional agency glamor and creativity have disappeared and been replace with the glamor and creativity of search marketing. He lives and breathes everything it has to offer. Regardless of if you call him a search geek or a complete Internet nerd, overall he's simply a man who's found himself through search.