Marketing Land Events Speaker:

Baron Ginnetti

Director SEO & Content Strategy, Break Media


Baron Ginnetti is the Director of SEO & Content Strategy for over twenty-five Break Media owned & operated properties including,, and Having been Creative Director and instructor at renowned screenwriting school Writers Boot Camp, Baron was born into SEO (and, at a higher level, Online Marketing) via his comprehension of the tools and methodologies of screenwriting, or in other words: efficient content development. It was both a logical and seemingly ironic career leap that landed him on an SEO path that he has since traced for over a decade.

At 24/7 Real Media, Baron spearheaded an initiative to develop fifteen to twenty sites per month and to train dozens of writers to produce web-content with “search awareness” to support those sites. In building multiple sites per month, Baron submerged himself in the technical aspects of SEO architecture, taxonomies and data mining technologies that could make a small site exceptionally robust or enhance search engine indexing/performance and user experience for mega-sites like,, /IAC and For the last seven years his work has focused on enterprise SEO for sites with five to forty million pages with daily organic visit counts ranging from hundreds of thousands per day to millions per day or “mega-site” SEO. When Scripps Networks Interactive, Inc.SNI (NYSE) purchased BizRate/Shopzilla, the network tasked Baron with training dozens of its television station managers to optimize their content for the web.

Baron has a track record of a delivering scalable quality content, all tied to his writer training skills and also has unique SEO experience with large site migrations either from an old domain to new domain, migration for full re-design or from platform-to-platform. He has a passionate interest in data aggregation and organization to produce meaningful product & content experience via automation. In every role, he has been a thought leader in the development of taxonomies and site architectures that support both user and search engine bot navigation. When it comes to metrics, Baron loves to dig into data that proves “conversion-to-loyalty,” be it a keyword group, page type or entry path; the online marketer in him likes to see his traffic compound through loyal user acquisition.

The diversity of mega-sites Baron has had the opportunity to work on are apropos to the SMX Enterprise SEO sessions. The sites clearly demonstrate the enterprise SEO balancing act that Baron has performed to satisfy layers of stake holders. For example, one must balance ad-sales requirements, advertiser requirements, the various business goals of a redesign or a multiple site merge. The intricacies of best practices and compromise can be seen in each site in which the enterprise SEO may have to set aside absolute “best practices” and develop solutions that are the “best possible practices under the circumstances.”

While Baron helps sites drive more quality traffic and engagement, his true passion lies in sharing his knowledge so that it scales out across an entire company or network. He firmly believes that knowledge is only as good as its reach.

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