Marketing Land Events Speaker:

James Moore

Chief Revenue Officer,


James Moore is the Chief Revenue Officer for, a company quickly being recognized as the authority in search retargeting. Since the mid 90's James has been involved in trailblazing companies within the digital space. In 2001, James opened the first of several offices with During his tenure he contributed to record revenue growth and unprecedented innovation in the online employment advertising industry.

More recently, James served as Senior Vice President of Sales at Fetchback, a recognized leader in personalized site retargeting. Record growth in employees and revenue resulted in the sale of Fetchback to GSI, an eBay company, in 2010.

James is now based in Phoenix. James has more than15 years of experience in digital media including online advertising, search retargeting, and search marketing. He regularly speaks and writes, particularly on topics including online trends, mobile growth, real time bidding, audience segmentation and analytics.

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