Marketing Land Events Speaker:

Tom Conte

Senior Strategist, SEO & Emerging Technologies, Morpheusmedia


Tom joined the ranks of Morpheus Media after working as an SEO Specialist at LexisNexis Martindale-Hubbell, where he ran local and national campaigns for small and large law firms. His hobbies include spending too much time on the internet - an asset in the SEO industry - attending shows whenever possible, snowboarding, and cooking up a storm.

A New Jersey native, Tom left the bridge & tunnel life behind him to move to New York City. His heart, however, resides in New England, where he attended Providence, Rhode Island's Johnson & Wales University and obtained his B.A. in New Media and Web Management. Eternally optimistic and perpetually curious, his somewhat morbid sense of humor leaves him laughing at horror movies, zombies, and his own misfortunes. He takes his sweet time when it is his turn in Scrabble and likes to think he has a dashing smile.

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