Marketing Land Events Speaker:

Tim McDonald

Director of Community, The Huffington Post


Tim is the ultimate in connecting and creating a conversation. With over 20 years of experience in networking and building communities, Tim is passionate in his pursuit of connecting people. Always learning, he pulls together his experiences and turns that into teaching people how to effectively connect and build their own networks. He has used that passion at HuffPost Live to build a community from launch, as their Community Manager and currently serves as the Director of Community for The Huffington Post, growing and cultivating a strong community offline and online. In addition, he has started My Community Manager, a space where he brings his knowledge and those in the community to share knowledge and experience spanning live chats via Google Hangouts, blog posts and events. He instigates the engagement and conversation, turning students into teachers and teachers into students. A skillful conversationalist, Tim encourages new ideas and navigating solid relationships.

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