Search Marketing Expo Speaker:

Sara Critchfield

Upworthy, Editorial Director


Critchfield is a founding staff member and the Editorial Director of Upworthy, a website that curates highly sharable, social-issue driven content that flows organically into our online lives. Upworthy’s mission is to draw attention to important social issues (like racial profiling, body image, and child poverty) by making the content just as shareable as cat videos. Under Critchfield’s guidance, the editorial direction of Upworthy has made the company the fastest-growing media company of all time, proving that people are just as hungry to consume content about meaningful issues as they are about celebrity gossip—as long as you market the content correctly and use data to direct your decisions. Critchfield has developed several contrarian theories that have completely shifted the way companies think about reaching users in a completely "new paradigm." Critchfield’s innovative approach to marketing, big data, and human algorithms—as well as her steps to making content go viral—have made Upworthy an enormous hit.

Previously, Critchfield worked at and co-founded an intellectual property firm. She has been a long-time advocate, organizer, and communicator for anti-poverty efforts in Washington DC and Central America. She has spoken at the White House National Conference on Mental Health, Personal Democracy Forum, SXSW, News Foo, and Netroots Nation, and has been featured on PBS, Fast Company, Business Insider, The Bleacher Report, and the Nieman Journalism Lab. She was recently named one of 2013's Most Intriguing People in Media by min.