Marketing Land Events Speaker:

Mellissa Jensen

Senior Director of Strategic Analytics, Global Strategies


Mellissa Jensen is the Sr. Director of Strategic Analytics at Global Strategies, a leading search engine marketing consultancy specializing in search engine optimization and brand preservation for global enterprise companies. During her tenure, she has worked with enterprise organizations including Intel, DuPont, Thompson Reuters, Cisco, and Adobe. Mellissa’s understand of the ever-changing search landscape and how it impacts websites allows her to develop strategic search programs specific to enterprise organizations. Mellissa has spoken at industry events including SMX Sweden, Brightedge’s Share, Adobe’s SIG, and AdFed of Central Oregon’s Hot Seat.

At Global Strategies, we fundamentally believe that SEO is not something you do but rather it is what happens when you do everything else right. SEO must be woven throughout the content lifecycle from concept through creation, management deployment and measurement. As search consultants, our role is to facilitate the adoption and integration of SEO best practices throughout the organization.

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