Marketing Land Events Speaker:

Bryan Minor

Chief Scientist, Acquisio


Bryan’s entire career has been focused on developing algorithms. Starting in undergraduate at Central Washington University developing Mandelbrot fractal images, to USAF officer days working on Nuclear weapons effects simulation to war gaming for the Pentagon on HPC assets (massively parallel supercomputers like Cray C90 and IBM SP1 and SP2), to working with DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Project Agency) on space physics nuclear threat mitigation, to working with many top flight biotech firms (Merck, Pfizer, ABI,…) solving DNA sequencing algorithm issues, and finally over the last 9 years focus on Internet advertising. All of these formed a broad basis of algorithm development knowledge for commercially focused clients. In 2001 ScienceOps Bryan formed as a division of TUI (Tethers Unlimited, Inc.), with its purpose to service algorithm development software projects for private industry. The first client was Jeff Bezo’s (CEO of Amazon) space research company, Blue Origin. Over time ScienceOps clients evolved to DARPA projects, then Biotech focus, and finally in 2005 the first Internet Advertising related algorithm for Right Media. As time preceded a larger portion of ScienceOps client base was Internet Advertising related algorithm work, till finally in late 2007 all work was in this area and the total focus of the firm.

In Feb 2007 Bryan came up with the concept for AdMetrica for optimizing Google Display advertising. Over the next 2 years AdMetrica was developed as time permitted by ScienceOps, then finally in the summer of 2009 all ScienceOps efforts were focused on developing the AdMetrica product for Google Display Network (GDN) and building its client base.

At Ad-Tech SF in April 2012 Bryan met with Marc Poirier (of Acquisio) about AdMetrica, and this resulted in Acquisio purchasing ScienceOps on 27 Jul 2012. After the purchase of ScienceOps there were many questions about how best to grow and integrate the core AdMetrica technologies into the Acquisio platform. After Bryan did initial research on the topic, then in the fall of 2012 the idea of using these to optimize Google Search with Bid and Budget related AdMetrica technologies was formulated.

Initial testing of these ideas resulted in the first test client accounts using BBM (Bid & Budget Management) in Feb 2013. Based on this success the testing of BBM was expanded, and by the beginning of Apr 2013 it was introduced at Ad-Tech San Francisco. BBM continues to grow, with thousands of clients using it successfully every day.

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