Search Marketing Expo Speaker:

Anna Hughes

Microsoft, Senior Product Marketing Manager


Anna Hughes is a seasoned digital marketing pro, with a wide set of experiences and skills that give her a unique perspective on the future of online advertising. Anna has spent the last 20 years in online marketing in various roles and organizations – as Account Planner/Account Director managing $100MM+ accounts for agencies such as Razorfish and Story Worldwide to Product Management and Marketing for Microsoft’s Mobile/Local Ads team, Expedia Media Solutions, The Cobalt Group, and various .com start-ups.

Anna has always sought opportunities to expand her understanding of new and emerging media, and how those media converge to impact consumers and marketers alike. Having held roles on both the publisher and advertiser sides of the house, she has a clear understanding of the trade-offs and opportunities inherent in bringing new media technologies to life.

Anna’s current role with Bing Ads is entirely focused on the convergence of search engine marketing and display media. She has a deep understanding of consumers’ instinctive desire to protect themselves from advertising, and marketers’ needs to find new and less intrusive ways to reach and deliver their messages. She is responsible for applying those insights to the development and marketing of ad products which combine the best of user intent, branding, and task completion in beautiful and engaging new ways. Anna remains convinced that content and commerce can co-exist in exciting, irresistible ways, and that ads don’t have to be a tax on consumers.