Marketing Land Events Speaker:

Cory Haldeman

Head of Organic Search & Content Strategy,


Cory has been tinkering with the world of digital marketing since the web was better known as the Information Super Highway. For the past 20 years Cory's spent more time then any sane person should exploring, hacking, building, and dissecting all things digital, in the hopes of finding out where those series of tubes lead. Currently Cory is the Head of SEO & Content Strategy for Verizon Communications, the nation’s 15th largest company.

In addition to his work at Verizon Cory is a frequent speaker at some of the digital industry's top events and has often been dubbed “a digital marketing guru,” the "funniest Head of SEO & Content Strategy of a Fortune 15 alive to date"​, and was first runner-up for "prettiest eyes" his senior year of high school.

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