Marketing Land Events Speaker:

Mira Lane

UX Architect, Information and Content Experiences, Microsoft


Mira has worked in a variety of roles at Microsoft, primarily focusing on building breakthrough user experiences on innovative products such as Office for Mac,, and Bing Apps. She is a founding member of the Microsoft Bing Apps team where she incubated the initial UX concepts for Bing News, Travel, Finance, Sports and Weather for Windows 8. She is a strong believer in building experiences with visual beauty, simplicity, and artisanship that contribute to users in meaningful ways.

In 2012, she pitched the concept of a new Food & Drink app, designed as a comprehensive guide for inspiration and instruction from the tablet to the table. The project was greenlighted, and she became the product's 'CEO'. She staffed the organization, led the team through the envisioning process, drove the business strategy, negotiated content deals, and released the application for Windows and Windows Phone across 241 markets and in 106 languages.

In her current role as UX Architect for the Information and Content Experiences team she works on the UX stack, structure, scenarios and flow of UI within the applications on Phone, Windows and Web.

Prior to working at Microsoft, she was a developer at Nuance, building reusable components for speech-enabled applications. She worked at, Erickson and Sybase during her university years.

Mira is married to Brian Lane and they have two children - Aidan (5) & Uma (3). They are adventurists at heart - from summiting Mount Kilimanjaro, to hiking to Everest basecamp, to backpacking through Asia. They believe in continual growth and experiencing life through awareness and critical thinking.

Mira has a background in computer science with a degree in Mathematics from the University of Waterloo, Canada. She is an artist and printmaker, with a particular fondness for the relatively unknown medium of polyester lithography. She is often preoccupied with the nature of reality, the mind and the movement between consciousness and unconsciousness. This serves to be the source of Mira's motivation and inspiration.

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