Marketing Land Events Speaker:

Lauryan Feijen

Online Advertising Strategist, iProspect


During his study (Communication & Multimedia Management) Lauryan already moved towards the online marketing business. Projects and writings about web analytics, user experience, web design and content management opened up the wonderful world of online.

After joining an agency focussed on SMBs in 2009 Lauryan has always stayed on the agency side. First at Netsociety, the leading search agency at the time within The Netherlands which now is acquired by iProspect. At iProspect he is part of the 'Quality & Learning' team, which makes him responsible for educating and coaching all new hires and also means he is focussing on ways to improve knowlegde sharing and skill development of all consultants, amongst which roughly 35 PPC consultants.

With a strong affinity for programming (HTML, CSS, Javascript) and number crunching (Excel) he is always trying to see if tasks can be simplified or automated to allow for the most efficient management of the client accounts to make more time available for strategy and long term vision.

In 2014 Lauryan started to become step out to the world by blogging at for example Certified Knowledge and speaking at SMX New York.

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