Marketing Land Events Speaker:

Joe Pawlikowski

Marketing Team Leader, PushFire


For the past seven years I've engaged in digital marketing mostly through content creation. Rae Hoffman gave me my first break, hiring me in 2007 to write articles for a number of her sites. Some of these were for SEO purposes, other were DIGG bait. Eventually I focused on two sites:, an upstart blog about the BlackBerry smartphone ecosystem, and, about prepaid cell phones. On both sites we created daily content, sharing tips and tricks, offering in-depth guides, and providing updates relevant to users. Again, the focus was split between attracting readers through SEO, and through social media.

In 2012 Rae and her husband Sean Dolan started PushFire, based on a project Rae and I worked on in late 2011. I worked at the entry level there until December, when I started managing the marketing employees. I\'m now the Marketing Team Leader, overseeing the work for our SEO and content marketing clients.

In 2007 I also broke through on my own, starting with two friends. At the time there were three or four New York Yankees blogs that got all the attention, but we surpassed all of them. By early 2009 we were the leading independent Yankees blog, an have only grown since then.

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