Search Marketing Expo Speaker:

Lance Loveday

Closed Loop Marketing, CEO


As the CEO of Closed Loop Marketing (CLM) Lance Loveday is a recognized thought leader in the online marketing industry. He is a regular speaker at industry events—MacWorld, Search Marketing Expo, Web Design World and South by Southwest, to name a few—where his strategic, humorous and down-to-earth approach inspires designers, online marketers and business executives alike.

Lance's experience in the world of search marketing stretches back to 1998, when he became web site manager for a Fortune 100 company in Silicon Valley. During this stint, he developed a passion for transparent, results-focused online marketing that motivated him to start Closed Loop Marketing. Since its inception in 2001, CLM has become a highly sought after agency serving a wide array of clients—from startups to big brands like Hewlett-Packard, Brocade, and Lockheed Martin. To each client, CLM brings a deep expertise in not only online advertising platforms but also the user experience—what happens "after the click." It's this combination of skill, experience and knowledge to which Lance attributes his company's success.

Lance is co-author of the breakout business strategy book Web Design for ROI, publishedby New Riders Press. His educational background includes an exploratory tour in law school, preceded by a BS in Managerial Economics from UC Davis, where he is honored to guest lecture on occasion.

Lance, his wife Courtney, and their three children reside in Northern California. And while he considers himself a cyclist and shares a first name with Lance Armstrong, he has only been mistaken for the cycling champion once. And it wasn't on a bike.