Marketing Land Events Speaker:

Branko Rihtman

R&D SEO Specialist, Whiteweb


Branko started working in the industry in 2001, doing SEO for clients and properties in a variety of competitive niches. Over that time, Branko realized the importance of properly done research and experimentation and started publishing findings and experiments at

Branko is responsible for SEO R&D at Whiteweb. Which provides SEO services to a small number of large clients in highly profitable niches.

Branko's responsibilities at Whiteweb is to gather, organize and expand the company's knowhow through research, experimentation and cooperation with other SEO professionals.

In addition to being an SEO, Branko is currently writing his MSc thesis in molecular biology at HebrewU in Jerusalem.

Branko has spoken at a number of search-related conferences, most recently at both 2008 and 2010 SMX Sphinncon events (both as a speaker and a moderator), MIT Forum, Affilicon and others.

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