Search Marketing Expo Speaker:

Laura Lippay

Comcast, SEO Lead


With an eye for the big picture and a history in uncovering opportunities and increasing online visibility for some of the largest brands on the internet, Laura has focused on integrated organic search and content strategy for Fortune 500 & 1000, enterprise and agencies for almost two decades. Laura spent the first 18 years of her career in Silicon Valley and has worked with brands like Netflix, Tesla, CNET, Icelandair, Nylon Magazine, and Microsoft, and is currently the SEO Lead at Comcast. Laura’s web development history lends a unique technical balance to her perspective on internet marketing, helping bridge gaps between marketing and development teams to get results, while educating and empowering along the way.

Aside from SEO and an undying fascination with BCI and the future of marketing+tech, Laura is also an oil painter, an aging athlete, and likely somewhere doing something that involves mountains and mud.