Marketing Land Events Speaker:

Jeff Carpenter

SEO Manager, PETCO


Jeff's career began with San Diego Media, where he rendered the proprietary ecommerce system, MaxEXP, which San Diego Media was developing at the time, 100% search engine friendly. While there, he was witness to the fact that the SEO industry was still in its infancy in how to optimize dynamically generated web pages. With no forums, previous examples, or established protocols, Jeff was able to optimize and release MaxEXP in months. Today, MaxEXP is a web services eBusiness platform that generates entirely dynamic websites with 100% search engine friendliness.

Later, Jeff moved to one of the top SEO firms, SEO Inc., in Carlsbad, California. There, he honed his search engine optimization skills while optimizing many small static websites and larger dynamic sites for a broad range of clients. At SEO Inc., Jeff was one of only two senior engineers with the skills to fully oversee the optimization process for fully dynamic websites.

Jeff then spent 4 years at MEA Digital, a leading online advertising agency in Southern California. As manager of all SEO operations, Jeff routinely brought his considerable talents to bear on unique and ever-changing demands of clients in a variety of industries. From retail, to education, and financial services, Jeff enhanced the online visibility of a multitude of clients under MEA Digital's management. Oakley, Mitsubishi, Shockwave, Advanta, International Fund for Animal Welfare, Marika, Top-Flite and Odyssey Golf are just a sample of some of the clients Jeff handled on a day to day basis. Jeff is now manager at PETCO Animal Supplies and is incharge of all aspects regarding natural search rankings, traffic, and revnue for all PETCO online sites.

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