Search Marketing Expo Speaker:

Tyler Shears

Databanq Media, Online Marketing Manager


My name is Tyler Shears and I've been working on computers since I was 5. My background consists of HTML, PHP, C++, Lots of hardware and software experience, and a few years of internet marketing related activities throughout my youth. Many years of online gaming and a few situations where the "curious" side of me took over (see original definition of hacker), but all in all I've spent the majority of my life connected to the web. I ended up at the University of Central Florida for a Management Information Systems degree, while at the same time starting Wise Web Solutions, a web development firm. I ended up dropping out of college and continuing on with my web development company, which eventually shut its doors around 3 years later. I had spent a great deal of time personally researching / implementing SEO, but once I started at Databanq my knowledge base rapidly expanded and I have been addicted since. I was hired into Databanq as a "Link Ninja" but quickly progressed into the Online Marketing Manager and have since recruited a team of excellent marketers.