Marketing Land Events Speaker:

Heini van Bergen

Operations Manager, Tribal Internet Marketing


Heini van Bergen (1979) has been in Search for almost 10 years now. When starting with all techniques used by SEO’s in the early SEO days, Heini has developed himself to an all round search marketer.
Heini started a profession in Search back in 2001 at Onetomarket. Together with the founders he build up the company to become one of the major player in the Dutch SEM market. In 2004 Heini made the switch to Tribal Internet Marketing to start working on SEO there.. As Heini is currently the Manager Operations for Tribal, the company went through a very rapid growth with having over 100 employees in 5 countries accross Europe, being specialized in Internet Marketing.
Heini is a regular speaker at conferences in the Netherlands and has also been a speaker at SMX. Next to this you can find his contributions to the Searchcowboys weblog (, (dutch leading marketing weblog), Tribal Internet Marketing weblog and

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