Marketing Land Events Speaker:

Dave Naylor

MD & Director of SEO, Bronco Ltd


David Naylor, more commonly known as DaveN, started working in the SEO industry over 13 years ago.

David's main motivational driving force is the belief that there is no point having a site if it doesn't rank No 1. His dedication to giving clients great ROI has led to the constant development of new optimisation techniques and the ability to see algorithmic changes before most other SEO's. David Naylor has the reputation of being one of the best SEO's in the world, who has a proven track record of successes in the most competitive markets.

David's blog attracts a worldwide audience and is well known for its down to earth, yet informative approach on all SEO issues. Always at the forefront of the latest search engine topics, David is an established authority within the SEO community. David owns Bronco Internet, a highly talented and successful SEO and web development agency.

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