Marketing Land Events Speaker:

Guy Levine

CEO, Return On Digital


At the age of 16, my father gave me a book on html and a cheque for £100 and told me never to ask him for any money ever again. I read the book and accepted the challenge!
A year later I had founded a .com business and turned it profitable in its first quarter. The day after my 18th birth I sold the business to my partners.

Since then, as the CEO of Return On Digital, our team has been running SEO, PPC, Conversion Rate Optimisation and Social Media campaigns and advising companies on their internet strategy. The company is edgy and dynamic and eats sleeps and breathes search!

Although Guy runs the company, he is still the Pay Per Click go to Guy keeping his hand in by being part of the PPC team. Guy was voted business speaker of the year in 2007 by the Academy For Chief Executives.

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