Marketing Land Events Speaker:

Lena Flanigan

E-Marketing Manager, Primary and Stem Cell Systems, Life Technologies


Lena Flanigan is an e-Marketing Manager at Life Technologies, a leading biotechnology company. Her responsibilities include managing web marketing projects for several products available on

Before joining Life technologies, Lena was a Principal Marketing Manager at AOL LLC, working on sites such as, and from their Dulles, VA location. Lena worked at AOL for over five years, helping them to triple and quadruple their SEO traffic, year over year, for several content sites.

Before joining AOL, Lena provided SEO and SEM support for ecommerce sites as well as an online brokerage. Overall, Lena has been working on SEO in various capacities for more than nine years. In addition to her SEO experience, Lena has a Masters of Business Administration degree from University of Maryland.

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