Search Marketing Expo Speaker:

Markus Jalmerot

MillimeterMedia, Head of SEO


Markus Jalmerot was head of the team who built the SEO-division at Eastpoint, now known as Getupdated Group (MIG, Getupdated and MediaAnalys) in Sweden. Further, he play an instumental role in the launch of Getupdated together with JustSearch in England, UK. Later, he was appointed as SEO Manager for Outrider in Denmark, advising GroupM (ie: Mediacom, MAXUS, MediaEdge:CIA and Mindshare) with regards to SEO.

Most recently he became Head of SEO (and online marketing) at MillimeterMedia, a media agency focusing on poker. Scandinavia clients include FullTiltPoker and

Markus has also made numerous successful personal websites in various sectors, such as gambling, finance and property. He is often quoted with regards to valuation and choosing domain names.