Search Marketing Expo Speaker:

Jeremiah Andrick

Logitech, GM - Ecommerce


Jeremiah Andrick has spent most of his life online; from his early days of working on the SENDIT BBS in North Dakota, to the world of Web 1.0, to the participatory web and search influenced world of Web 2.0. How we build our businesses and how we communicate with each other is changing rapidly and Jeremiah understands the challenges that our new digital lives can bring. He is currently the Manager of Online Customer Acquisition at Logitech, where he is falling in love with hardware all over again.

Formerly as Program Manager for the Bing Webmaster Center, Microsoft’s suite of tools for search marketing professionals who want to obtain better results from Bing, his responsibilities included engaging the webmaster community, blogging, and working with the social media team at Bing. Prior to working on Bing, Andrick spent two years in the Server and Tools Online division as the Program Manager for Search Solutions.

In this role, he built search applications and lead efforts to optimize content for search in MSDN and TechNet. Before joining Microsoft, Andrick, a former web developer and eight year veteran in online publishing space, designed and developed large publishing solutions used across a wide variety of industries. He graduated from Missouri State University with a Bachelor of Science in Communication Theory. In his spare time, Andrick enjoys all things outdoors, cooking, and hockey. You can regularly find him on twitter discussing the perils of traveling.