Marketing Land Events Speaker:

Agustin Vazquez

Analytics specialist, NVI


Following a bachelor degree in Musical Analysis, Augustin Vazquez-Levi began experimenting with online sales in 2001. After several successful months of sales with 3rd party sites such as eBay, he set up a Hispanic t-shirt Ecommerce site called, which continues to be the leading Hispanic t-shirt website on the internet. He was then hired as a consultant for sites like, which tripled its traffic and sales within the first 3 months working with him.

For eFundraising, a subsidiary of Readerís Digest, he set up Omniture analytics platform for the entire main sites, as well as overseeing the SEO, and the migration of the acquired site: Within eFundraising, he quickly became recognized in the field of web analytics in Montreal.

In early 2007, Augustin was hired by Canalytics, the first company to become official GAACs (Google Analytics Authorized Consultants) in Canada. After several months of consulting work for Canalytics' clients such as, and other, Gesca (owner of the aforementioned properties), purchased Canalytics.

At NVI, Augustin works as an account manager on projects involving large North American clients. His analytics and SEO background allow him to manage internet marketing accounts that include a full range of services such as display, PPC, SEO, SMO and online PR.

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