Marketing Land Events Speaker:

Venkat Kolluri

CEO, Chitika, Inc.


As co-founder and CEO of Chitika, Venkat lives, eats, breathes, and sleeps search. In the process of finding new and better ways to monetize search on publishers' sites, he created Chitika's research division, dedicated to drilling into the minds of searchers, trying to determine why, where, and how they find what they want online.

Venkat created Chitika in conjunction with fellow Lycos alumnus Alden DoRosario. Their shared vision was to take the success of search engine advertising and transfer search's ability to target ads with pinpoint accuracy to the world of publishers.

Now in its sixth year, Chitika has become the leading search-targeted ad network. With over 60,000 publishers using Chitika, the company also has access to unprecedented search user data, which is shares with the industry via its Chitika Research division.

Venkat is a frequent speaker at key industry events and conferences. His work has been published in several journals and conferences. Venkat holds a Ph.D. from University of Pittsburgh.

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