Search Marketing Expo Speaker:

Nadir Hussain

Media Flint, Inc., COO


Nadir Hussain is co-founder and COO of Media Flint, a search engine marketing agency which helps businesses launch and optimize Internet ad campaigns. His perspective is based on hands-on experience with techniques that are producing results today for his clients.

Nadir Hussain teaches the very popular and highly acclaimed course at the continuing studies program at Stanford University: Running Profitable Internet Ad Campaigns He is also both Google and Yahoo certified for their Internet Advertisement programs.

Nadir has been a Director in eBay's Technology group, a Senior Consultant at Deloitte & Touche, and a Software Engineering Manager at IA Corporation.

Overall, Nadir has over 15 years of work experience that includes Search Engine Marketing, Internet Marketing/Analytics, website design & development, product management, and software development. His education comprises of an MBA from UC/Berkeley, a MSEE from Stanford University and a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science & Mathematics from UC/Santa Cruz.