Marketing Land Events Speaker:

Marco Corsaro

Managing Director, 77Agency


Marco Corsaro is the founding partner and Managing Director of 77Agency Ltd. He graduated in 1999 from the University of Turin, and started his career working for Fiat Auto Financial Services. Between 2000 and 2003, Marco worked for a leading investment bank in London on the setup of an online bank and broker service. Marco is passionate about technology and enjoys exploring the opportunities that new media offers in the advertising space. Since creating 77Agency in 2003 he has acquired vast experience of the online marketing industry, working across all channels including SEM (Search Engine Marketing), SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Online Media Buying, Affiliate Marketing and Social Media. Throughout 2009, Marco hosted Social Media Marketing seminars in London, New York, Amsterdam, Milan and Rome, with guest speakers attending from Facebook, YouTube, and business social network Viadeo, to discuss the opportunities arising from social media for marketing professionals. For 2010 Marco and 77Agency will be partnering with mobile marketing agency B!Digital and Viadeo to roll out a further program of social media seminars across Europe. Marco was delighted to be able to announce at the end of 2009 that 77Agency had been awarded the status of Facebook API Ads Agency and more recently in February 2010, joined the Facebook Preferred Developer Consultant program.

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