Search Marketing Expo Speaker:

Lori Ulloa

R2integrated, Sr. Digital Marketing Specialist


After her failed attempt at being the world’s first female accordion playing rap recording artist, Lori Ulloa decided to dedicate her full breadth of trends intuition and skills to Internet marketing and SEO.

Lori joined R2integrated in 2008 as a Senior Internet Marketing Strategist. Lori Ulloa has experience in diverse disciplines related to communications and information architecture. She has acquired a unique skill-set by way of roles in sales and business development, traditional advertising, marketing, web development, SEO and internet marketing. As such, she understands all aspects of new customer/web conversion acquisition and tracking and applies that knowledge to challenging, all encompassing web marketing projects at R2integrated.

She earned her degree in Marketing from the Robert H. Smith School of Business at University of Maryland College Park. Previous roles include Regional Sales Representative, VP of Marketing and Business Development, Advertising Account Executive & SEM Specialist, Web Account Leader and Search Engine Analyst.

In her spare time, she enjoys fitness, healthy cooking and nutrition, UFC fights and frolicking with furry woodland creatures.