Marketing Land Events Solutions Session Presenter:

Vaishali De

Partner Group Manager, Microsoft Advertising

I've been in Microsoft for 14 years, in Bing Ads for 6. In Bing Ads, I started as a product leader on the ad serving platform, focusing on platform simplification and experimentation capabilities. I'm now the product leader for Bing Ads Agency, Multi-account, Billing, and Sales platform. I led the R&D work in moving Sales from Y! to Microsoft, transitioning the $4B business with no negative customer impact. Since then, I've focused on stabilizing and building out our product to address agency, advertiser and Sales pain points. I lead the Bing Ads Planning and Product Advisory Groups, engaging with our agencies and advertisers to ensure we are building what they need. I'm the product leader interfacing with the Bing Ads Business Group, so that together, we are meeting and exceeding expectations and turning customers into advocates and fans. I'm a passionate proponent of what Microsoft stands for, am inspired and invigorated by our cultural transformation, and believe in leading by example.

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